Developers, contractors and property managers all have obligations to comply with environmental regulations at each step of the planning, design and construction process. Our services focus on improved environmental management performance, helping clients to develop a sustainable solution for projects in line with current and future regulatory requirements.

Our teams aid at all stages of the project lifecycle from scoping assessments permit applications, strategic advice for development issues and providing expert support for planning applications and reviews.

We carry out acoustic, dust and vibration monitoring. Where required, prior to the works commencing, baseline levels for all monitoring are taken to set trigger levels for when the work starts. Our project teams work closely with clients to fulfil the site monitoring requirements.

Sustainable Demolition

Conscientious building demolition underscores Fallon’s commitment to sustainability and demonstrates responsible management through the end of a building’s life. Through a combination of selective reclamation opportunities and extensive material recycling, our team strives to meet challenging sustainability goals and budget requirements, as well as minimize the impact on the community.

Reclaimed Materials

Fallon’s used a balanced approach to evaluate material reclamation opportunities, weighing the feasibility and likelihood of reuse for various building elements against the recovery cost, schedule, and other impacts to the surrounding community.

Recycled Materials

S Fallon & Sons have diverted more than 95 percent of all building materials and components from landfill over the last five years. Material unfit for reclamation is typically recycled, with preference given to onsite recycling where feasible. For example, concrete is crushed into compactable rock and used to stabilise structures during demolition and subsequent construction. This strategy reduces the need to deliver in soil by road to serve the same purpose and therefore decreases the carbon footprint of the project.