Oil & Gas Platform Decommissioning

Fallon Group and their formal strategic partner companies have wide experience with environmentally friendly dismantling and removal of oil and gas platforms. Special attention is paid to recycling the materials coming from the platforms. Making an inventory and removing hazardous substances such as asbestos and toxic chemicals is very important. Special procedures and precautionary measures are necessary for dismantling platforms with radioactive substances (LSA).

Before the decks are separated all the equipment is carefully checked and made safe for removal and transport thus preventing waste and pollution.

Cold working methods are also used, for example cutting by using hydraulic shears.

We trade reusable equipment that becomes available while decommissioning offshore platforms so that it can be reused. This provides extra revenue for the clients. Examples here are helicopter decks, accommodation blocks, lifeboats, workover rigs, generators, separators and many more items.

Other parts are turned into scrap and recycled. We have various onshore yards at our disposal for this where we can work safely and in a controlled manner to generate a maximum yield.

We can also provide ship breaking services and work to the UK Environment Agency standards to provide a non-polluting solution to end of life vessels.