Our clients are developers, consultants and contractors who drive their projects to achieve the highest standards.

We fully support our client’s aspirations with a turnkey approach to land reclamation. At Fallon we partner each stage of the process from investigation, through design, implementation and verification of remediation. We have the technical capability to interrogate data and present technical options with commercially attractive offers that give our clients confidence to commence development.

We will appraise site investigation and risk assessment reports and provide a comprehensive approach to remediation design. Our remediation strategies state the necessary detail to combine the optimum environmental and geotechnical solutions for each site, to enable demolition to proceed in parallel to remediation, or to combine what may need to be a long term groundwater remediation and monitoring with construction to reduce the overall programme for our client.

Fallon will offer fixed price decommissioning and remediation that is complete with verification report to discharge planning conditions. Equally, we would be pleased to provide our best price to implement a specified scope of work.

From the outset, we will consider how the primary objectives managing environmental liabilities and discharging planning conditions are to be achieved. At Fallon, we can undertake supplementary soil and groundwater investigations to close out data gaps in reports and design remediation strategies. We will ensure that our reports meet regulatory requirements and discharge planning conditions in order for a scheme to progress. We will prepare Deployment Plana where permits are required, and prepare Material Management Plans to coordinate the demolition and earthworks with soil and groundwater remediation. Our clients have confidence in us and we will ensure that our final Verification Report discharges the relevant planning condition to enable construction to commence.