Former Nortel Site in Paignton, Devon

The former Nortel fibre optics site employed some 5000 people at its height and slowly declined to close its doors in the early 2000’s.

Fallon Group executed the works to the 10 hectare mixed use site with a tight program in order to deliver retail units for secured clients and to make way for 100,000 sq ft units and 225 new homes.

Commencing mobilisation in February 2018, Fallon Group carried out de-vegetation, tarmac and soil stripping before moving onto concrete slab removal and crushing.

Noise and dust monitoring was carried out and suppression increased during winds in order to protect the adjacent residents.

The 200mm thick slabs were systematically broken up and crushed onsite to provide recycled aggregate for use in the new build process. The site consisted of additional slabs on stepped levels along with retaining walls.

The former Nortel Tower building was decontaminated of pigeon guano, asbestos stripped and demolished prior to carrying out the cut/fill operation.

A ‘Watch and Brief’ was put in place for demolition rubble left by previous contractors which Fallon Group handpicked for any visible signs of asbestos containing materials.

The scope included for removing a tank from the ground and providing a high quality site finish so that the groundworkers could move straight in and hit the ground running with the next phase of the works.


Demolition/Remediation/Cut & Fill Turnkey Solution