Bloor Homes

Fallon were contracted by Bloor Homes to provide a turnkey demolition and remediation package of works at the former Allied Bakery site, Reading.  The Site Investigation and Risk Assessment reports had identified historic underground fuel storage tanks with surrounding hydrocarbon impacted soils and associated zone of contaminated groundwater.

Fallon prepared a Remediation Method Statement and obtained regulatory approval from the Planning Authority to proceed with the scheme. Due to the volume of remediation, Fallon also obtained a Deployment Plan from the Environment Agency to enable the on-site soil and groundwater treatment to proceed as regulatory permitted process. In addition, as part of the overall demolition and remediation works, Fallon prepared a Materials Management Plan to enable the remediated soils to be re-used a fill within the development.

During the 16 week project, Fallon: demolished above ground structures and slabs; broke out relict foundations; decommissioned and removed underground fuel storage tanks; cleaned out and removed an interceptor; excavated and bioremediated 2500m3 of hydrocarbon contaminated soils on site; installed a barrier trench to prevent continued migration of hydrocarbons in groundwater; and treated groundwater proximal to the USTs and excavations.

A Verification Report was prepared on completion of the works to provide a photographic and descriptive record of the works, with the results of chemical analyses of soils and groundwater samples. The Verification Report confirmed that the residual concentrations of contaminants in remediated soils and groundwater were less than the specified limits and that the site was suitable for residential development.